Cat Sorter VR

I founded Pawmigo Games, a studio focused on fun experiences for any platform. Cat Sorter VR is our first VR project.

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Oxenfree is an award winning indie narrative adventure. As a designer, I had to balance a tight schedule with crafting quality gameplay to support the narrative.

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Sugar Smash

I worked with all departments to port an older engine to meet new demands. I helped improve workflows and optimized iteration speed to improve product quality.

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About Me

My passion is games and making those games with the best people in the industry. I combine my background in film and VFX with my experience in the game industry to create highly polished and immersive gameplay experiences.


Editing, Cinematography, Compositing, 3D Modeling, Texturing, UVing, Rigging, Animating, Rendering, Gaffer, Game Designer, Game Programmer, Games Artist, Gameplay Programmer, Effects Artist, Team Wrangler, Professional Snowboarder (retired), Cat Lover.